Alumni Career And Student Advisory...


The HREAO Career Advisory Board foster conversations between current students and Harvard Alumni.  Students should contact HREAO to inquire about programs, affiliated HREAB career advisory programs, career opportunities, and conecting with alumni career advisor.  


HREAO Career Advisors 


HREAO Career Advisors are professional alumni in Real Estate interested in connecting with current students to share industry knowledge and career advice. A career advisor agrees to respond to a student's request for information within 5 business days.  Serving as a HREAO Career Advisor is a great opportunity to interact with students and reconnect with the University.




Current and prospective students can reach out to HREAO to connect with a willing alumni Career Advisor on industry trends, jobs and networking opportunities, resume, career decisions, and much more.  The opoprtunity to connect with a HREAO Career Advisor is a great opportunity to gain guidance, support, and knowledge from experienced professionals in the industry and have access to a global network.   HREAO's Alumni Board oversees the HREAB (Harvard Real Estate Alumni Board), an affiliate that focuses on student activities only.


 To participate in HREAO Career Advisory as an Advisor or a student, please contact us: