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The Harvard Real Estate Alumni Organization (HREAO) regional market representatives and leaders enable alumni and students to stay connected and engaged with the Harvard community.  HREAO's current regional chapters include: Northern California, Southern California, Boston, New York, Washington DC,  Miami, FL, and more to come!


HREAO Board of Directors: 


  • DJ Van Keuren, Harvard University, ALM, '09

California (Northern and Southern CA)

  • Macy Leung, Harvard Graduate School of Design, '11   

California (Southern CA)

  • Greg Cullen, Harvard Business School, '89


  • Douglas Koch, Harvard Graduate School of Design, MCPR, '78

  • Claude Lancome, Harvard Law School, JD, '69 (Emeritus)

New York

  • Evan Linkner, Harvard Graduate School of Design, '11  

  • Jonathan Twombly, Harvard College, AB, '91 (Emeritus)

Washington DC

  • Eamon Lorincz, Harvard Law School, JD, '09  


    HREAO Regional Steering Committee Leaders:


Washington DC

  • Eamon Lorincz, Harvard Law School, JD, '09 (Washington DC Chapter)
  • David Lewis, Harvard Graduate School of Design, '09 (Washington DC Chapter)


  • Patricia Rotsztain, AMDP, '15 (Miami, FL Chapter)

Southern California

  • John Matthews, Harvard College, '19 (Southern CA Chapter)

  • Daniel Abarca, Harvard College, '16 (Southern CA Chapter)

  • James Holt, Harvard College, '14 (Southern CA Chapter)


  • DJ Van Keuren, Harvard University, ALM, '09 (Past HREAO President)

  • Yiran Gao, Harvard Graduate School of Design, '13 (New York Chapter, Past)
  • Gabriel Fernandez, Harvard Graduate School of Design, '03 (New York Chapter, Past)

Regional HREAO Representatives

Harvard Real Estate Alumni Organization (HREAO) Regional Market and Student Representatives are volunteers who will fill an important role in assisting in representing alumni and current students on a regional basis to the HREAO Board. They also work with Board Members in planning and executing local events in their cities for the benefit of their regional members.  Please contact us if you would like to become a regional market and student leader, and if you are interested in organizing local HREAO events in your cities.  Harvard Alumni Real Estate Board (HAREB) is for members of HREAO who want to have a high level of engagement to support current students.  HAREB's focus is on curent/student alumni activities and support including, but not limited to, mentoring, career treks, career forum, resume review, etc.  Please contact us at: HREAO.HARVARD@GMAIL.COM