Annual Panel: 6th Annual Architects As Developers Panel

Harvard Graduate School of Design 6th Annual Architects As Developers Panel


GSD's 6th Annual Real Estate Development Club Panel. On February 6th, the RED Club hosted the 6th annual Architect as Developer Panel, and HREAO's National Board Member Macy Leung was invited as a panelist to discuss her work in Affordable Housing, Housing, and Economic Development. Sponsored by the Practice Platform and the Career Services at Harvard GSD, this year’s panel discussion moved beyond the question of feasibility of the architect-as-developer practice model and explored the intersection of architecture, development, and social equity. We are delighted to have had as our moderator James Petty (Gluck+), and our panelists Jonathan Tate (OJT), Macy Leung (HREAO Board Member), Robert Humble (Hybrid), and AJ Pires (Alloy). 


 Architects As Developers

February 6th, 2019

Harvard University Graduate School of Design

Piper Auditorium